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10 Jul 2022

IMI(UK) Hybrid/EV training program is pre-approved CCP program under Singapore Business Federation (SBF)

Training Grant available for -

  • 70% of Training fee/learner under e2i

  • 70% / 90% of Salary x 3 months subsidize under Career Conversion Program (CCP)

Career Conversion Program is applicable to Organisation who wish to uplift skills for their employee, you may check it out in the following link;

Click here for the list of CCP-S Mentors : CCP-S List of Mentors

(Sky Seow is an approved Mentor for Automotive)

Click here for the list of WSG pre-approved local training programme: CCP-S WSG List of approved Local Courses

(K-Tech's approved programme under item 60-63) 




10 Apr 2021

Establish New Training Sector for Recovery and Tow Services.

IMI(UK) Electric/Hybrid International Award for Level 1 and Level was conducted for the ISLAND RECOVERY SERVICES.

Objective of Training is to ensure Personnel aquired knowledge and skills to perform required drills during operation to ensure personal as well as public safety.

14 Jan 2021

New Training Program approved by IMI(UK) under Professional Achievement Certification (PAC)

- Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Calibration

Look out for Program Details and Confirmation Date of Registration.

You may send enquiry to indicate your interest so that we can notify you upon confirmation.

Please contact Thomas : 9113 3882

31 Dec 2020

Grant awarded = 14

Project completed with implementation on 31 Dec 2020.


05 Jan 2020

Awarding Grant to assist workshop to set up Hybrid/EV Facility

ASA and K-Tech Auto Solution Pte Ltd jointly administrate the project.

With the increasing number of Hybrid vehicle on the road, there is a need to set up facilities by independent workshops to cater for the coming high demand on service and repair.

ESG has award a 50% grant to assist Automotive Workshops to setup Hybrid/EV Facility.

02 Sep 2019

Team from SME Centre visited participants with interview and project administration


02 Sep 2019

Team from SME Centre visited participants with interview and project administration




15 Aug 2020

Delivery of items to participating company beings with

1. RS Automotive Pte Ltd

2. Pegasus Engineering Trading Pte Ltd

3. Venda Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd

4. Mirage Motorwerkz Pte Ltd

5. Hock Cheong Automec Pte Ltd

6. AMA Automotive Pte Ltd

7. Diesel Injectronic Pte Ltd

8. Dr Gearbox Autos Specialist Pte Ltd

9. Fedac Auto Engineering Pte Ltd



Follow up with Training on usage of Diagnostic Equipment


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