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Automotive Workshop Renovation & Facilities Set-up

Professional engineering design and high standards to ensure Facilities set up meets stringent industry regulatory and compliance.

Automobile Daignostic and Systems Calibration Solutions

State-of-the art vehicle diagnostics equipment, to diagnose problems that the  car has developed. Includes, complete line of workshop equipment, and accessories.

International Automotive Training Qualifications

Skills training for automobile mechanics in view of the greater adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles.

News Flash -

Awarding Grant to assist workshop to set up Hybrid/EV Facility

ASA and K-Tech Auto Solution Pte Ltd jointly administrate the project.

With the increasing number of Hybrid vehicle on the road, there is a need to set up facilities by independent workshops to cater for the coming high demand on service and repair.

ESG has award a 50% grant to assist Automotive Workshops to setup Hybrid/EV Facility.

02 Sep 2019

Team from SME Centre visited ASA with K-Tech to discus the project

Team from SME Centre visited participants with interview and project administration




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Jan 2020 -   04 - 06 Jan 2020

                    Level 1 / 2/ 3 - Hybrid/EV Service & Repair Course

                    [ IMI(UK) Institute of Motor Industry Certificate Course ]

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